Ends on April 7, 2018

$35.00 USD

TITLE: 2018 Impressionism vs. Realism
THEME: Open Theme
 April 11th, 2018
ART DELIVERY DATE:  April 25th-April 27th
SHOW DATE: May 3rd - May 31st
Entry Fee: $35
Artist Gallery Split – 65% Artist / 35% Gallery

Impressionist painters such as Renoir and Monet sought to evoke subjective and sensory impressions with their work, rather than simply recreating an objective reality.

Realists, on the other hand, seek to represent their subject in a lifelike manner, such as it is subjectively seen to the eye.

Our exhibition this month will compare and contrast the styles of impressionism and realism. The pieces chosen will showcase the traditional aspects and beauty of both movements.

Las Laguna Gallery is seeking submissions of original work comprised representing either Impressionism or Realism. There are no restrictions on content, medium or context, but your entries should fit within this theme.

We invite and encourage artists of ALL ages to participate and look forward to seeing your work. All local, national, and international artists, professional and amateur, are encouraged to submit their works for this art exhibition.

Acceptable sizes:  We do not have a limitation on size of works submitted but have found pieces over 60" to be costly for shipping and recommend manageable sized pieces.

* Sorry no jewelry or sculpture for this exhibition.

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