Ends on April 16, 2017

$35.00 USD

TITLE: mon·o·chrome
THEME: Art that explores values of one color.
April 21, 2017
ART DELIVERY DATE: May 25 to May 30, 2017
SHOW DATE: June 1 to June 30, 2017
Entry Fee: $35
Artist Gallery Split – 75% Artist / 25% Gallery

Las Laguna Gallery is seeking art that explores values of one color.

The term monochrome describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or values of one color. For this call for art Las Laguna Gallery challenges artists to explore not only the range of tones of black and white, but also explore the range of a single color.

For an image, the term monochrome is usually taken to mean the same as black and white or, more likely, grayscale, but may also be used to refer to other combinations containing only tones of a single color, such as green-and-white or green-and-black. It may also refer to sepia displaying tones from light tan to dark brown or cyanotype (“blueprint”) images, and early photographic methods such as daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes, each of which may be used to produce a monochromatic image.

All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur and multiple art mediums will be considered in this call for art.

Works in  Acrylic, Airbrush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Encaustic, Graphite, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Other, Painting, Pastel, Photo, Photography, Watercolor, will be considered.

No work that requires special installation or instructions will be accepted.
* Sorry new jewelry or sculpture for this exhibition.

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